At this time, the view outside the window is green because of the rain. The branches are full of new buds, and the mood becomes wonderful, which is the most beautiful spring in the four seasons. A person, the quiet time, is a Lonely Doll with hands and fingers, but also indifferent to the air giggling, free air flowing in the sky, infinite beauty. Lazy, casual, that true self, or unbridled appearance, there is a kind of free and easy that others can't control, applauding for their own not infected by the outside world. The breath of happiness, in this year, this life to life year, crazy, running to my world. Only smile to accept, such a hug posture, whether good-looking. Sweet breath, but the self interpretation of the plot, less the hero's icing on the cake, but more such a sense of freedom to wait and infinite fantasy, unrestrained, zero burden. Often fantasizing, in the car, or in the afternoon, or when it rains to run. Always expect to meet such a you, I imagine countless times of you, but I don't know how the outline of you. There is no reason, or very suddenly will be dazed, imagine that the future of you, should appear in the corner, that I imagined the role, and I should be the most relaxed natural appearance, and then meet you. Just a smile, you will feel the heart, gently shake and happy state. It's thoughtless for thousands of times. How can I meet you? How can I make you feel so moved in my heart. Or, that moment is the most important moment in each other's life, because it's just to cross the sea of people and meet each other. A lot of time, trance, imagination, fantasy, set up the scene, have brought their own happiness and moving, but also secretly happy for such an idea. I just want to appear in front of you in the best way and make my efforts and efforts better in these years, so it's worth it. In fact, when I woke up occasionally, I also told myself soberly that all this was just a thought between smiles. If we can recognize each other like this in the crowd, we must thank fate. This probability is only one in a billion. I'm afraid that the last picture I met is the way I ran into you in a panic. You are at a certain place, looking at me with a silly smile. So, this is the last picture I want, but it's the real picture. The transformation between the city and the city, come and go, in order to meet, in order to gain insight, in order to the scenery along the way, in order to grow up on the way, in order to some inadvertent moving and those kind acts. Or, just a word, a look, a figure and a profile of the moving face, is the most beautiful meaning of the journey.